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Other Equipment

Depalletiser for Lightweight Product.

Originally designed to be installed into a hole in the floor but the design has evolved to include an above ground model. Utilizes a hydraulic lift, manually operated. Options include powered pallet conveyors, bottle accumulation table, outfeed combiner, pallet stacker, semi automatic features, manual or powered sweep, layer bord and top frame hoppers.


Depalletiser for heavy duty applications.

Including part or full automation. (Under development)

  • Bottle channeliser laning unit.
  • Packer carton blank extended hopper.
  • Packer infeed laned conveyor and merge units for multipack or bottle/ can flow.
  • Operators platforms, stairs, walkways, machine support frames etc
  • In either mild steel painted or galvanized  finish or Stainless steel/ aluminium. Built to NZ and Aust     standards.
  • Forkhoist barriers, bollards, pallet stops.
  • Lifting gantries.
  • Safety guarding.
  • Accumulation tables and conveyors incl multiflex serpentine.
  • Turntables.
  • Cap elevators and hoppers.
  • Gripper rinsers, gripper lowerators and gripper elevators.
  • Bottle warmers, coolers.
  • Lay over conveyor for under cap sterilizing.
  • Keg conveyors
  • Keg Cap placing unit incl vibrating feed bowl.
  • Magnetic elevators and hoppers for lids and crown seals and caps.
  • Vaccuum transfer conveyor for empty can mass flow.
  • Vaccuum hold down conveyor for light weight and unstable product.
  • Can crusher
  • Bottle crusher
  • Carton reject unit / right angle transfer for up to 60 cases per minute.
  • Can races, inverters and twists in either rod or plastic block design.
  • Can rinsers in adjustable style or utilizing change parts
  • Bottle Agitator/ shaker for lab testing of CO2 content.
  • Waste Bins either tipping or fixed, with wheels if required.
  • Bottle Orientator for rectangular bottles with offset cap or handle. Up to 60 bottles per minute.
  • Metal Detector conveyors and reject units.