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Conveyors for Carton Transport

Band Driven Roller (BDR) or Lineshaft Conveyor. Suitable for the medium to high speed range up to 80 m/min. Utilizing our 50mm dia polypropelene rollers and quick fit drive bands. This is a low capital cost conveyor with limitations over time due to the failure rate of the drive bands. Many hundreds of metres of our conveyor system is in use in Australasia.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor. Suitable for the low to medium speed range up to 40m/min. Utilizing 50mm dia steel rollers with polymer sprockets either positively driven or friction driven.

Slat Chain or Mattop Chain Conveyors. With low back pressure, smooth top or high friction chain type.

Optional quick change rail width adjustment.

Roller End Transfers

Belt Conveyors.  To elevate, lowerate, meter and gap product.